Maureen A Davis Wedding Officiant

          Magic Moments Weddings 

Port St Lucie, FL


                                                 Maureen Davis Wedding Officiant 


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About Me

Hey just a bit about me, Im easy going and chilled to the bone if im not on the net chances are im kicking it back listening to music. Not into sports and I think football is boring but I do enjoy winding mates up that like it .

Currently living in Yorkshire with my girlfriend tracey, two kids and three dogs, I run my own blog for people who want free gadgets but thats just part time as I work for a publishing company.

Stay cool and say hi if you want to, if not chill and take it easy ;-)

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About Me

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41 years old
About Me

Hello World. 

I'm Jake and I'm from London. 

Not sure what else to add in this about me box!

I'm a web developer and I enjoy socialising and travel.  I've been working on a new website and you can check it out my handywork at the elottery syndicate site.  Other than that I'm looking forward to a holiday and catching up with friends :)

James Blake
35 years old
About Me

James Blake is a telecommunications specialist and has been working in the telecom industry for 20 years. He is passionate about helping people solving their technical challenges and learn about technology. Currently, he is studing about cell phone number trace and reverse cell phone  lookup.

Larry Hix
25 years old
About Me

Hello Everyone My name is Larry Hix and I reside in Charlotte,NC Im 18 years Old Ive Been an Internet Marketer since the age of 16 I have been a Super Affiliate for 3 Years. Im Married I have 2 beautiful children I enjoy watching my chicago bears play and the boston celtics LOL…. I have had a lot of success In affiliate marketing I enjoy the freedom it gives you Im currently in the process of starting my own cpa affiliate network im open to network with some great people on this forum so don’t be shy send me message or drop a line take care and god bless.

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Lauriewalk smith
29 years old
About Me

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